Can One Mark This Sky

High-pressure and low-pressure systems were bought and baptized in the process-oriented intervention ‘Can One Mark This Sky‘.
Through the merging of names a hidden messages was readable on the European weather charts.
The Institute of Meteorology of the Free University of Berlin assigns names to pressure areas for middle Europe. These names are accepted and published by meteorological services and media, as they appear on the weather maps of many newspapers and are mentioned in radio and television weather reports. Launched in 2002, through ‘Adopt-a-Vortex ‘ one can take on a name sponsorship of pressure formations against payment. By browsing through forename archives for semantic material approved by the Institute, Flock baptized five pressure areas. The forenames used are from different cultures. They appeared from 2012-2014 on weather maps, yield together they result in the sentence: ‘Can One Mark This Sky‘. After they have vanished from the weather charts, Flock got a ‘Post Mortem Documentation’ consisting of a certificate, weather chart of the ‘day of birth’, an individual life story and a ‘Berliner Wetterkarte’ for his or her vortexes. The installation however consists of five acquired European Weather Maps printed on Tentex and their pressure area lines as minimalistic graphics printed on paper, presented on a steel display.