The intervention I want to keep on dancing is concerned with a sculpture in front of the former Hypo headquarters in Zagreb, that reiterates old metaphors in celebrating current financial capitalism.
The phallic, ten-ton marble sculpture bears the name „Milestone“ and was made in 2008 as a symbol of the association of the Hypobank and the Slavonska Banka by Carinthian sculptor Max Gangl. At the same time, 2008 marks the climax of the global banking and financial crisis, during which the merged bank collapsed.
Through the intervention Gangl‘s sculpture is lit with event lights. As a result, it becomes not only a venue, but also a protagonist and a stage for its own show. The mobile lighting installation enlightens and sets an object at night in scene, which is reflected as the representative of a financial system that is prospering while erupting.
The party must go on.