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W-A-S-D addresses the cycle of death and respawning in the digital world of computer games. For the video installation a gamer, a dancer, an athlete and a stuntman were asked to imitate the death sequences of avatars from computer games through a motion karaoke. The title refers to the „W-A-S-D“-keys, which are used in computer games to control the avatar when playing with a keyboard. However, it is not the virtual characters that are being controlled, instead they predetermine the movement of the performers. The starting point of the work is the concept of death in computer games. It is not to be equated with an absolute end, but let’s you frequently repeat a game level as a consequence of an error. Death is an emotional process and always final, however in computer games it can be reversed, and in „W-A-S-D“ the process is further infiltrated through the medium of karaoke. The blue background refers to the "Blue Screen of Death". The color blue communicates the signal’s absence on any screen or projector. W-A-S-D is concerned with the question of what death means in a digital reality and with which methods the concept of infinity is affected by digital culture.